Friday, July 18, 2008

My experiences with the Greatmaster


I found the training gruelling, both physically and mentally, even in a way, somewhat frustrating. I found my Greatmaster's teaching, somehow, pushed me beyond my perceived limitations. When I thought I wasn't learning at all, in fact, I have reached a point where I have achieved more than what I thought I could do.

I always wanted to be an instructor, demanding as it is, but Greatmaster Yuli was even more demanding when it comes to perfection of motion, uderstanding of basics, and the practice of principles.

Greatmaster Yuli's input pulled me through when I lost faith that I would ever be a good teacher. Every moment of training was like having that faith tested to the hilt.


Yes. I am in a position to share the teachings I have received. All the blood, sweat, and tears are worth it.


The simplest thing I could do for my students is to guide them so that this ancestral art continues to evolve, as my Greatmaster so deeply desires.

About Me

My name is Romeo Cruz. I am a Filipino and a Specialist Instructor of Bahad Zu'bu. I started my training under Greatmaster Yuli Romo in 2000 in my country, the Philippines. I am now based in Morayshire, Scotland heading the group called Bahad Zubu Scotland One important concept I learned from Greatmaster Yuli is the phrase "Simple basics, most advanced," meaning, there are no advanced techniques, but simply options.

What will you gain?

1. Blade Awareness.
2. Sensitivity Training.
3. Weapon Disarming.
4. Situational Destruction.
5. Multiple Stick Response
6. Flow
7. Tactical Positioning.
8. Body Mechanics.
9. Integrated blade-based hand-to-hand infighting.
10. Ambidextrous Weapon Approach.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What is Bahad Zu'bu Scotland

Bahad Zubu Scotland is a form of Filipino Fighting Arts under the authority of Bahad Zu'bu Greatmaster Yuli Romo. It incorporates the dynamic expression and movement unique to Bahad Zu'bu. It utilizes direct, pre-emptive situational destructions, parrying methods and explosive disarming techniques. As a Bahad Zu'bu in itself, it retains core techniques, concepts and strategies devised by the late Grandmaster Antonio 'Tatang' Ilustrisimo, Jose "Jo Go"Milan (Balintawak, Tat Kun Tou, GoKoSha and Palakaw-Banate), Solferino "Kapitan Perung Pak-An" Borinaga (Repikada Pigada) and Islao Romo, as taught by GM Yuli.